The Rob Porter scandal in the White House is still under investigate amidst claims by Porter’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriends stating that he had physically, verbally and emotionally abused them throughout their respective relationships. Samaritan House staff was approached by local news outlet ABC 13NewsNow to chime in on this matter.

Our Marketing and Events Coordinator, إيفا فيوز, discusses how this high-profile case is actually helping to raise people’s awareness of what domestic violence really looks like. The response from White House officials (and President Trump himself) is that the allegations are not in line with what they know about Porter. This is probably true. More often than not, abusive partners are not “monsters” and they often appear to be upstanding citizens with a shining reputation in many aspects of their life. But their partners know all too well a very different and very painful reality – a side of that same person marked by unpredictable, yet repetitive acts of aggression, violence, manipulation and control.

We believe that despite the misconceptions and myths that still exist surrounding domestic violence, there is a clear increase of those wanting to become part of the solution, right here in Hampton Roads. In the last 12 months, Samaritan House has seen a notable increase in the requests to provide education, prevention and informational training to groups in the community. Whether you’d like us to come speak at your business, church or networking event, we’d be delighted to come out and provide engaging, useful information to help STOP the violence and START the healing.

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