If you are experiencing violence, you are not alone.

Whether you are a victim of sexual assault, domestic violence,
stalking or human trafficking - help is available.
Call the 24-hour Samaritan House crisis hotline:

Monday - Friday 8a.m. - 5p.m.

If you are homeless or at risk of losing your home, we can help.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAP). Sadly, over half of the victims we serve are children. Samaritan House is partnering with members of the Hampton Roads business community who are interested in making a difference in the lives of children affected by violence by raising awareness and funding.

To support our efforts, text "SAM" to 50155 to make a donation.

Walk Through a New Door Via Our New Public Service Announcement

We are proud to debut "Doors," our inspiring, new public service message inspired by a domestic abuse survivor and produced to raise awareness of domestic violence and services provided by Samaritan House. If you have not seen the PSA yet, you may do so by following the link below.

You may support our clients and programs by donating online or by texting "SAM" to 50155!


Samaritan House helps victims become survivors through a holistic approach to healing. We offer emergency and permanent housing, case management, counseling, and assistance. in navigating the legal system for men, women and children.


Since 1984, Samaritan House has been the trusted non-profit resource for issues surrounding violence and homelessness across Hampton Roads.
Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to empowering our clients and educating the community.


Be a Samaritan. Make a Difference.
Share our story, volunteer or donate to our cause - no amount of support is too little.


Violence and homelessness don't discriminate. These issues
cross ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, religious and socioeconomic lines.
Samaritan House is committed to community outreach and education
to provide real solutions for these complex issues.

Make Plans to tune into "Love Shouldn't Hurt" June 5 at 8 p.m.

We are thrilled to announce that our second televised fundraising event will return June 5, 2021, titled Love Shouldn’t Hurt, hosted by Kristen Crowley. Last year’s inaugural televised event reached 71,303 households and promotional ads reached 78% of Hampton Roads in the ten days leading up to the event. We expect to increase viewership this year and have created a number of sponsorship opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Love Shouldn’t Hurt, contact Bobby Hall at (212) 603-9228 or via email at bobbyh@samaritanhouseva.org

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The mission of Samaritan House is to foster personal safety, growth and self-sufficiency in adults and their children through the freedom from sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking and homelessness.

Since 1984, Samaritan House has provided emergency and permanent housing, support services and community outreach to victims of violence and homeless families in the Hampton Roads region. We own and operate 12 safe houses for emergency shelter for individuals and families fleeing violence and those at risk of losing their homes. Samaritan House utilizes a holistic approach to meet the needs of victims and their children. Our clients receive support through case management, counseling, victim advocacy, nutrition assistance, transportation, access to medical care and vocational training. Our children’s program works with youth to establish healthy relationships, build self-confidence and ultimately break the cycles of violence. 65% of the clients we serve are children.

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