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Job Opportunity: Sexual Assault and Anti-Human Trafficking Case Manager

Position Summary: The Sexual Assault and Anti-Human Trafficking Case Manager assists individuals and their families who are experiencing sexual violence and sex trafficking. The position is responsible for working with survivors in the community and in the emergency housing program and providing them with the necessary advocacy and support to promote personal safety and self-sufficiency. This is a full-time position and accountable directly to the Anti-Human Trafficking and Sexual Assault Case Manager Supervisor.

Job Responsibilities

1. Ensure that the victim’s basic needs are met, including safe temporary housing, clothing, food, medical care and dental care. If counseling and/or substance abuse treatment is needed and wanted by the victim, the Case Manger will also link them to specific services and provide or assist with transportation.

2. Assess individuals and families for emergency needs (i.e. trauma-informed crisis intervention, safe housing and/or other relocation assistance, emotional support, safety services, safety planning, direct referrals and connection to individual counseling, support groups and other therapeutic services).

3. Provide additional trauma-informed support including information about the criminal justice process and victims’ rights and referrals to other victim service programs and resources.

4. Work closely with victims to provide long-term support and intensive case management and help victim achieve goals outlined in the service plan. While plans will vary based on individual needs, these activities may include but are not limited to permanent housing/treatment facility, legal assistance, working with law enforcement, employment, counseling, linkage to benefits, etc.

5. Develop knowledge of community resources, utilize advocacy skills and teach self-advocacy so families can expand their use of resources in the community.

6. Teach practical skills such as self-advocacy, problem solving and stress management to improve long-term self-sufficiency.

7. Lead weekly psycho-educational support groups for adults to share knowledge, resources and skills that promote safety from sexual violence.

8. Coordinate with local, state and federal law enforcement and other systems and organizations to support the victim in leaving the trafficking situation and receiving needed services.

9. Maintain accurate and timely case notes and statistical records.

10. Maintain strict confidentiality regarding all victims.

11. Participate in task force and coalition meetings as well as community collaboration groups such as the Coordinated Community Response Team meetings and represent organization to others as needed.

12. Utilize Samaritan House multi-disciplinary team model of practice to support families’ needs and effectively collaborate with other agencies and community partners i.e. YWCA of South Hampton Roads and SART team.

13. Other duties as assigned.

Required Background

* Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services or related field. Master’s Degree preferred.

* Experience working with victims of human trafficking is preferred. Experience working with victims of other traumatic crimes, such as domestic violence or sexual assault is required.

* Demonstrated ability to take initiative and make sound decisions.

* Valid Virginia Driver’s License.

* CPR certified with adults and children within six months of hire.

Required Skills

* Knowledge of and adherence to agency mission, policies and procedures, including Code of Conduct and mandatory reporting requirements.

* Ability to think analytically.

* Knowledge of dynamics of sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking.

* Knowledge of human development theory across the lifespan.

* Knowledge of a wide range of models of practice in counseling and advocacy (feminist, humanist, empowerment models).

* Skills in establishing non-victimizing rapport with victims.

* Excellent written and oral communication skills with victims, staff and interagency professionals.

* Ability to work effectively in crisis situations, utilizing the teamwork model of practice.

* Ability to plan and manage own work activities and seek and use supervision effectively to increase skills and knowledge.

* Ability to maintain and keep records current and complete statistical reports in a timely manner.

* Skills in gathering, interpreting and compiling information about families and resources in the community.

* Skills in teaching adults and supervising volunteers and interns.

* Ability to represent agency in public speaking engagements and in community coalitions.

Required Physical Skills

* Ability to lift 25 pounds

* Ability to operate a motor vehicle (car, truck, and/or van)

* Ability to walk, climb, and reach

* Ability to conduct and attend meetings

* Ability to use a computer and telephone

Salary: Based on experience and qualifications. This is a full-time position with benefits.
Samaritan House is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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