“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”– Dr. Maya Angelou

Samaritan House, her türlü şiddeti sona erdirmeye kararlıdır. Her bireyin ihtiyaçlarına göre çalışmak üzere tasarlanmış programlar ve kaynaklar aracılığıyla umut ve şifa sunuyoruz. İki şiddet veya taciz öyküsünün birbirinin aynısı olmadığını biliyoruz. Ayrıca topluluğun gücünü ve şu sözleri duymanın ne kadar rahatlatıcı olduğunu da biliyoruz: "Yalnız değilsiniz."

We invite anyone who is a survivor of violence (domestic violence, sexual assault or human trafficking) to share their story with the world. This is a platform to inspire, encourage and congratulate the courage it takes to go from VICTIM to SURVIVOR.

To every woman, man or child feeling stuck or fearful that your situation can ever get better – these stories are for you. We hope this movement will offer solidarity for survivors who have pressed onward after experiencing violence. We hope it can spark a flame inside the heart of that person who is reading this right now, debating making that call to the hotline to get information on how to get help. We hope it offers insight for supporters of the cause who may have never experienced violence firsthand, but are passionate about being part of the solution. We hope it offers some healing and a therapeutic outlet to those who have clung onto painful memories for too long.

This is for you. 

If you are currently experiencing violence and need to talk with someone about getting help, call the 24-hour Samaritan House crisis hotline at 757-430-2120.    

Share Your Story

We are inviting you to share your story as a survivor of violence, or in memory of a loved one who lost their life to violence. Once submitted, your story will be received by our team to be considered as part of our awareness campaign in our community. By submitting your story, you grant Samaritan House permission to post and share your story. To keep you safe, we reserve the right to edit identifying details of the story for confidentiality purposes.