Job Opportunity: Transitional Housing Program Residential Coordinator – Part-time


The Transitional Housing Program Residential Coordinator is responsible for the daily operations and service delivery of the Transitional Housing Program. The coordinator is responsible for maintaining a secure and safe atmosphere for program participants to stabilize and develop coping skills, ensuring residents are adhering to program policies, and working with residents on life and behavioral skills as they arise in the domestic sphere.


  1. Promote a sense of community by teaching and modeling cooperation, respect, and responsibility in the residential living environment; encouraging clients to interact with one another and creating opportunities for clients to develop healthy relationships and boundaries.
  2. Facilitate monthly shelter meetings for clients on site.
  3. Ensure clients are abiding by Samaritan House Residential Rules and Regulations; issuing warning and exit letters if necessary.
  4. Serve as a point of contact for shelter needs surrounding maintenance and repairs.
  5. Conducting nightly room checks for cleanliness inspections.
  6. Assist clients on an as needed basis with the development of life skills such as conflict resolution and the completion of day to day household/living tasks.
  1. Enter client information into the Electronic Case Management System.
  2. Maintaining up to date electronic shift notes.
  3. The ability to work holidays as needed.
  4. 分配的其他职责。


  • A minimum of a B.A. or B.S. degree in social work, human services or any related field
  • Working knowledge of issues as they relate to trauma, vulnerable populations, and family homelessness
  • At least one-year experience in crisis intervention work with victims of violence.
  • Valid VA Driver’s license
  • 在雇用后六个月内通过成人和儿童的心肺复苏术认证。


  • 了解并遵守机构使命、政策和程序,包括行为准则和强制性报告要求。
  • 群动力学理论与实践的知识与应用。
  • 了解广泛的咨询和宣传实践模式(女权主义、人文主义、赋权模式)。
  • Versed in the principles of empowerment and able to demonstrate this in all interactions with clients and staff.
  • 具备英语阅读、写作和交流能力。
  • Ability to work within a team model of service delivery, demonstrating sound judgement, ethical standards and professional boundaries.
  • Demonstrated ability to follow directions.
  • Ability to understand needs and behaviors of homeless populations.
  • Must be creative, assertive, energetic and flexible.


  • Ability to operate a motor vehicle; a car, truck, and van
  • 能够使用电脑和电话
  • 主持和参加会议的能力
  • 能够举起 25 磅

薪水: Based on experience and qualifications.  This is a part-time position with benefits. 


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