Job Opportunity: Transitional Housing Supervisor


The Transitional Housing Supervisor is responsible for managing all aspects of Transitional Housing Program at the Housing Resource Center. This position will supervise direct client staff and maintain a small caseload. The incumbent will be responsible for maintaining compliance with all HUD grant requirements and the Housing Resource Center policies and procedures according to a contract between Samaritan House and the City of Virginia Beach. The incumbent will be co-located at the Housing Resource Center.


  1. Coordinate the Transitional Housing Program, including the appropriate use of residential space, customer service concerns and work with staff to ensure that facilities are properly maintained within the Housing Resource Center
  2. Define and implement new programmatic procedures related to transitional housing for approval by the Program Director, Executive Director, and Housing Resource Center Staff.
  3. Utilize a “housing first” and “trauma informed” approach with residents and have this practice reflected in policies, procedure, and staff training.
  4. Supervise staff related to the Transitional Housing Program; establish goals/objectives, monitor performance, provide ongoing evaluation and recommendations for hiring/firing.
  5. Complete routine program evaluation, ensure appropriate staffing, successfully meet contract deliverables as well as HUD program goals and objectives.
  6. Pertaining to case management duties- maintain a small caseload, (up to ten at one time) assess families’ needs and strengths and collaboratively develop individual goals for permanent housing based on F-SPDAT results, establish and monitor client out outcomes.
  7. Collaborate with other staff as needed (Housing Locator) to secure permanent housing and develop housing stabilization plans and strategies that create self-sufficiency and promote safety.
  8. Work with management staff to complete a Transitional Housing Program budget and stay within the budget.
  9. Work effectively and efficiently with the other staff members of Samaritan House, the Housing Resource Center, and stakeholders in the community.
  10. The ability to work holidays as needed as well as coordinate holiday coverage.
  11. 分配的其他职责。


  • Undergraduate or graduate degree in social work, counseling, or directly related field.
  • At least 5 years of domestic violence/sexual assault and homeless related experience including staff supervision, budgeting, and program development as well as supervision of residential programs.
  • 表现出采取主动和做出正确决策的能力。


  • 证明了出色的口头和书面沟通技巧。
  • 能够领导、评估和监督员工并在团队中工作。
  • 分析思考的能力。
  • 在预算范围内开发和工作的能力。
  • 能够编写和实施项目描述、实施计划和成果措施。
  • 能够在没有日常监督的情况下工作并有效地管理时间。
  • 全面了解人类和社会服务规划。
  • 计算机基础知识/windows:Word、Excel、Outlook等。


  • 任职者应该能够每周工作至少 40 小时,在正常的坐、站、走、说话和举重 40 磅的范围内没有身体限制。
  • 必须能够在不同地点主持和参加会议,包括前往该地区的其他地点。
  • Ability to operate a motor vehicle: car, truck, and van.

薪水: Based on experience and qualifications. This is a full-time position with benefits. Please submit resume, cover letter, salary requirement below.


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