Job Opportunity: Intake Coordinator


The incumbent is primarily responsible for conducting crisis interviews with callers and walk-ins, screening requests for shelter and conducting intake assessments. He/she will respond to incoming crisis calls and will work closely with the Regional Crisis Services Supervisor to provide callers with services, information and referrals. There may be times the incumbent will need to visit emergency houses to ensure safety and compliance with rights and responsibilities. Incumbent’s daily schedule is dependent on the needs of emergency hotline, emergency housing clients, and other agency needs. He/she will be responsible for responding to emergencies, intakes, and the documentation of such during the entire duration of the shift.


  1. Screen all requests for shelter or assistance, conduct intake assessments, assign residents to shelter, conduct crisis interviews with callers as needed, secure transportation and placement for callers who are in immediate danger and provide information and referrals as appropriate.
  2. Complete all necessary paperwork in response to calls, document interventions, complete appropriate referrals to Case Managers, Victim Advocates and complete statistical information.
  3. Accompany and orient new shelter residents to their designated shelter.
  4. May be required to respond to crisis events as they arise at the shelters. Inform supervisory back-up staff and Case Manager of all emergency situations in shelter as soon as possible.
  5. Be located on-site (main office) or at one of the emergency shelters during the hours of shift.
  6. Follow policy and procedures for placement of families/individuals in immediate danger when shelters are full.
  7. 直接與志願者和學生實習生合作;協助監督、保留和欣賞工作。
  8. 執行與跨班次、文檔、記錄保存和報告的溝通相關的所有程序。
  9. 分配的其他職責。


  1. B.A. or B.S. social work, counseling, criminal justice, or other related disciplines, is preferred. Length of work experience is considered.
  2. 與家庭暴力和無家可歸有關的問題的工作知識。
  3. At least two years experience in crisis intervention work with victim of domestic violence and homelessness.
  4. 有效的弗吉尼亞州駕照。
  5. 在僱用後六個月內通過成人和兒童的心肺復蘇術認證。
  6. Must pass criminal background check.


  1. 了解並遵守機構使命、政策和程序,包括行為準則和強制性報告要求。
  2. 計算機基礎知識/windows:Word、Excel、Outlook等。
  3. 具有高節奏的多任務處理和組織技能的經驗
  4. 精通家庭暴力的動態以及與家庭暴力文學相關的權力和控制的當前教義
  5. 了解與家庭虐待或性侵犯有關的創傷後壓力症狀
  6. 精通賦權原則,並能夠在與客戶、志願者和員工的所有互動中證明這一點
  7. 了解家庭虐待和性侵犯受害者的合法權利,以及如何協助客戶訴諸法律制度
  8. Ability to demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills in English, second language is preferred.
  9. 教導/培訓成人的能力
  10. 能夠在服務交付的團隊模型中工作
  11. 能夠使用電話和電腦
  12. 表現出採取主動和做出正確決策的能力。
  13. 保持合理清晰的駕駛記錄
  14. 能夠保持當前的 CPR 認證


  • 任職者應該能夠每週工作至少 40 小時,在正常的坐姿、站立、行走、說話和舉重 25 磅的範圍內沒有身體限制。
  • 能夠操作機動車輛、汽車、卡車和/或貨車
  • 能夠在不同地點主持和參加會議

Salary:  Based on experience and qualifications. This is a full-time position with benefits. The work schedule for this position – 12pm-8pm.

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