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If you are in immediate danger and fear for your safety, dial 911. 

If you are in a safe place, please call the Samaritan House 24-hour crisis hotline at (757) 430-2120 or use our new chat feature to interact with a member of our specially trained intake staff.


Signs of Domestic Violence


Equality and respect form the foundation for healthy Black love. Black & African Americans have historically faced adversity and have persevered with the strengths of resiliency, hope, kindness, creativity, and community. Domestic violence affects people from all walks of life and we know that specific communities have different ways of approaching domestic violence and different barriers to accessing support services.

What is domestic violence?

A pattern of abusive behaviors that one person uses in a relationship to maintain power and control over another person.

Recognize Signs of Domestic Violence

Economic Abuse: Attempts to get you fired from your job, controlling with money, gifts to manipulate/lies to obtain money.

Minimizing, Denying & Blaming: Gaslighting, uses reverse psychology, blames the victim, and deflects responsibility.

Using Children: Threats of harm, withholding child support, making them choose sides, training them to be disrespectful.

Isolation: Limits communication with friends and family, barricading in the home, keeping track of your time, and using jealousy to justify actions.

Samaritan House Black and African American Advisory Committee

Samaritan House created the Black and African American Advisory Committee as a means to listen to the community, amplify Black voices, partner to create change, and educate communities about domestic and sexual violence

The mission of the Black and African American Advisory Committee is to increase access to Samaritan House services by providing community education focused on empowering and providing outreach at the intersection of Black and African American communities and domestic/sexual violence.

If you are experiencing violence, you are not alone. There is help available for you or someone you know.

Black & African American Domestic Violence Statistics

  • 40% of all Black& African American women experience violence inflicted by their partners.
  • Black & African American women in the U.S. are killed in intimate partner violence (IPV) at twice the rate of other women.

If you are experiencing violence, you are not alone. There is help available for you or someone you know.

DV Resource List


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