Host a “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” Watch Party!

Samaritan House invites you to host a watch party on the night of Saturday, June 5th. Watch parties can be small or large, thrown by an individual or co-host or even a company. Think creatively. You can use a projector to stream the telethon outside, set up televisions in multiple rooms. And most importantly help drive conversation about the show and Samaritan House’s need for support. Together, our goal is to get as many people throughout Hampton Roads as possible to watch the “Love Shouldn’t Hurt” televised event live.


Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, Samaritan House have has not ceased serving victims of violence. In fact, we experienced an 86% increase in demand for our services. This need is staggering, and we anticipate the demand to continue throughout 2021.

The pandemic forced us to develop creative fundraising alternatives to in-person events. For the first time last summer, Samaritan House produced a televised fundraising event titled “Let’s Talk Healing with Drea Kelly”. We are thrilled to announce that “Love Shouldn’t Hurt,”our second televised fundraising event will return to local CBS affiliate WTKR Channel 3 on June 5, 2021 at 8 p.m. and will be, hosted by local television personality, Kristen Crowley.

We are partnering once again with our local CBS affiliate WTKR and Studio Center to produce this event.  The show will raise awareness of our services by telling impactful client survivor stories of survival while highlighting our need to raise funds to fulfill our mission.


  • Signage will be provided for display around your party offering the following ways to donate:
  • Text-to-Donate: Display the Samaritan House text-to-donate information informing attendees they can text “sam” to 50155 to make a donation the night of or after the show.
  • Visit our Website: Encourage guests to visit our website to learn more and make a donation at
  • Call In Your Donations: Attendees can donate by calling 757-631-0710 during the show to speak to a volunteer and make a donation.
  • Cash Donation Boxes: Are available upon request.

 First Step – Invitation and recruiting attendees:

  • Samaritan House will provide you with draft language to use for email invitations to your network.
  • Samaritan House will provide sample social media text to include in a facebok event or other post you may prefer to use to invite attendees to your watch party.
  • Samaritan House will provide graphics to accompany your invitations.
  • Create invitation list and decide how you would like to invite your guests.
  • Send out the invitation as soon as possible.

During Telethon

  • Samaritan House will provide signage that will display the ways to give for each host to make visible at their parties.
  • Set up and display materials from Samaritan House in one area.
  • Consider setting up a computer or two so that attendees have the option to make their donations online at
  • Offer prizes to guests who donate the most the night of or other fun ways to encourage giving.
  • Hosts should encourage conversation around the different topics that will be discussed throughout the show and invite guests to reach out to Bobby Hall at for tours or to learn more ways to support Samaritan House.
  • Go Live! Go live from your Facebook or Instagram and create some online excitement during the show. Encourage everyone to tune in locally on WTKR channel 3 or by streaming online at the WTKR Facebook Page.
  • Consider announcing or applauding every time a guest makes a donation.


  • Theme: “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”
  • Invite guests to wear purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness.
  • Please share to your business’ social media pages that you are participating in the campaign and feel free to utilize the Paint 757 Purple graphics provided.
  • If you would like Samaritan House to thank your guests for attending your party, please provide Bobby Hall with a list of attendee’s contact information

DOWNLOAD a printable version of the instructions HERE.

DOWNLOAD a printable fact sheet about Samaritan House to share with your guests HERE.

Easily promote your watch party with our social media promotional toolkit HERE.