Vocational Specialist

Резюме позиции:

The Vocational Specialist will provide career guidance and counseling, training, job placement and volunteer opportunities to victims of violence in the community and in residence to promote self-sufficiency and independent living. This position will help survivors to understand their capabilities and interests and to set educational and career goals.

Рабочие обязанности:


  1. Conduct face-to-face interviews with each client to evaluate skills, work history and personality.
  2. Identify strengths in relation to living, current skills, learning ability, work history, and social skills.
  3. Assist with résumé preparation or revision. Connect clients to volunteer/prosocial activities that empower the client and cultivate skills that may be used on their resume.
  4. Maintain client records and assist with reporting and correspondence.
  5. Coach clients for interview preparation, including but not limited to, mock interviews, interview attire, printing of resumes and/or needed paperwork, or arrange for training to help them develop marketable skills.
  6. Provide follow-up services to clients in maintaining employment.
  7. Work collaboratively with the Anti-Trafficking and Direct Services team to best support the clients.
  8. Formulate relationships with existing job readiness service partners including but not limited to nonprofits, community colleges, and adult learning centers. And make appropriate client referrals.
  9. Participate in the weekly Anti-Trafficking case review at the Samaritan House.
  10. Attend trainings on human trafficking, ethical/professional boundaries and practices, organization policies and procedures, etc.
  11. Use good judgement when interacting with clients knowing when to refer the client to their case manager or advocate.
  1. Explore the potential development of an in-house training program tailored to the specific vocational needs of victims of violence.
  2. Explore the potential development of a service enterprise tailored to the specific needs of victims of violence.
  1. Требуемый фон:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in education, human services, or related field.
  • Приветствуется опыт работы с жертвами торговли людьми. Опыт работы с жертвами других травматических преступлений, таких как насилие в семье или сексуальное насилие, обязателен.
  • Действующие водительские права штата Вирджиния.
  • CPR сертифицирован для взрослых и детей в течение шести месяцев после найма.

Требуемые навыки:

  • Знание и соблюдение миссии, политик и процедур агентства, включая Кодекс поведения и обязательные требования к отчетности.
  • Knowledge of dynamics of human trafficking.
  • Знание командной модели практики.
  • Skills in establishing non-victimizing rapport with victims.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with victims, staff and interagency professionals.
  • Develop effective solutions to the problems today’s job seekers face.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to the applications, theoretical perspectives and key concepts of organizational effectiveness on human behavior.
  • Understand the concepts and complexity of sociocultural diversity.
  • Способность эффективно работать в кризисных ситуациях, используя модель командной работы.
  • Способность планировать и управлять собственной рабочей деятельностью, а также искать и эффективно использовать руководство для повышения навыков и знаний.
  • Способность представлять агентство в публичных выступлениях и в коалициях сообщества.
  • Умение вести и поддерживать учет в актуальном состоянии и своевременно заполнять статистические отчеты.

Требуемые физические навыки:

  • Умение управлять автомобилем; автомобиль, грузовик и фургон
  • Умение пользоваться компьютером и телефоном
  • Способность ходить, карабкаться и достигать
  • Возможность поднять 25 фунтов
  • Умение проводить встречи и участвовать в них

Salary: Based on experience and qualifications.  This is a full-time position with benefits.

Please download and complete Job Application Form at: THIS LINK

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