The Norfolk SPCA and Samaritan House have partnered to provide additional support to victims of domestic violence and human trafficking in a unique way. Abusers often threaten the welfare of pets in an effort to control the victim. Afraid to leave their pets behind, the abused often choose not to leave their situation. That is where the Norfolk SPCA Safe & Sound fosters families can help! When asked about the importance of a pet adoption program, Robin Gauthier, Executive Director of Samaritan House stated, “Studies have shown 48% of domestic violence victims may put off leaving their abusers out of fear for their pets’ safety. We want to remove every barrier for victims to get the help they need. This program will help us do that.”
The Safe & Sound program offers the human victims a certain peace of mind, knowing their pets are taken care of while they receive the help they need from Samaritan House to build a new life. Norfolk SPCA will coordinate the foster home by providing 24-hour access to a coordinator, medical care, food, and any supplies necessary. Safe & Sound foster families are asked to provide a safe and loving home for up to 120 days. The foster families are the heart of the program and without them the program would not be able to offer this amazing opportunity to victims seeking respite.
If you would like to join Norfolk SPCA’s Safe & Sound foster network, submit a foster application. Upon approval, you will be added to their network of homes, and the program coordinator will contact you to review the program in detail.
For further questions please call Kari Vincent at 757.622.3319, ext. 110 or email her at