Human Trafficking is REAL and it is happening right here in Hampton Roads, 隐藏在众目睽睽之下. Samaritan House is working with local law enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security and the Attorney General’s office to fight sex trafficking, labor trafficking and domestic servitude.

If you are in immediate danger and fear for your safety, dial 911.

If you are in a safe location, call the 24-hour crisis hotline at 757-430-2120.


我们相信人不是买卖的,贩卖人口是现存的最令人发指的罪行之一。 2017 年 1 月,司法部长 Mark R. Herring、撒玛利亚人之家、当地执法部门、联邦律师和 ICE 的国土安全调查 (HSI) 联手创建了 汉普顿路人口贩运工作组.撒玛利亚人之家是为我们地区的人口贩运受害者提供住房和服务的主要资源。

Samaritan House provides an effective, trauma informed response to victims of trafficking by providing emergency housing and supportive services to these individuals. Through training, outreach and awareness campaigns, the Task Force is improving the prevention of human trafficking in Hampton Roads and Virginia.

Knowledge is POWER

Want to learn more about human trafficking in Hampton Roads and find out how you can get more involved? Our Community Outreach Coordinator would love to come speak with your business, networking group, church, synagogue or class to provide education and prevention information. Please contact Katherine at to learn more and schedule your presentation


  • 在美国,青少年从事性交易的平均年龄为 12-14 岁。
  • 人口贩运是世界上增长最快的犯罪行业。
  • 弗吉尼亚州在 2016 年报告的人口贩运案件中排名美国第 15 位。

详细了解我们的反人口贩运工作以及如何参与 1 月份的人口贩运宣传月 这里.